Vocal Problem Trouble Shooter

I have worked closely with leading ENT voice specialists, speech therapists and manual therapists for many years.

Some ideas of what is possible to hear in a singing lesson:

  • To listen to a voice and decide if it is a technical voice problem that can be solved
  • To go through a check list of vocal use and lifestyle habits
  • To identify if there is a need to see an ENT specialist and if so, to accompany the singer to the examination to give them support and accurately understand the problem-if there is one
  • A specialist can be in London or I can advise on the network of voice specialists around the UK or internationally
  • To identify if manual therapy is the best answer to a tightly held larynx and to give vocal exercises to support the therapists work
  • As appropriate-to liaise with a speech therapist after they have finished the group of sessions and to continue with vocal exercises as appropriate
  • To provide all of the above if there has been any surgery on the vocal folds…plus moral support!

Please note there is rarely anything really serious: overuse, strain, singing consistently at rehearsals without decent fold-back, interviews, dehydration, no sleep on planes/in hotels welcome to the successful life!!!! Let an ENT surgeon look with a fibre optic or stroboscope and then we know how to help. A dancer willingly has an x-ray – is what a singer should do…. and we really do know how to help…