Mary Hammond

Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach (LRAM, FRAM)


As a singing teacher and coach with a lot of experience, I have attempted to write down some of my ideas! I hope you find it useful.

I have worked-and am working- with a variety of different artists: TV personalities, West End and regional theatre performers and pop artists both groups and individuals.

I am fascinated by up to date vocal research and its application to singing – for all different musical styles.

I am also experienced at supporting singers during long tours or runs in theatre and the vocal problems that can occur.

Advice and experience with auditions and repertoire is based on working on more than 90 shows

I am fortunate in my career to have been successful: but am still equally interested in working with singers and actors who are at are the beginning of their professional career either at student level or pop artists /groups at development stage.

Hope it makes interesting reading!